This site started off as Disaster Injury Research and Epidemiology (DIRE) which I created and maintained during my time teaching and doing research at Columbia University in New York City. Since my move to New York University Langone Health Department of Surgery my research interests have focused increasingly on trauma, particularly the kinds of injury and trauma seen in dense urban environments. Accordingly the site has moved with me and changed somewhat. DIRE is still online but I no longer maintain it, though you may find some search results pointing you to pdf’s and other material there. That will drop off as (hopefully) this site becomes a bit more active. As noted in the sidebar, neither CUIRE, not DIRE is in any way officially affiliated with either Columbia University or New York University.

Most of the material is methodological with a large amount of information on using the base R statistical programming language, and a fair amount of information on using R for Bayesian and spatial analysis. There is less material on SAS for which I wrote a book, but which I no longer use extensively. I've kept some disaster epidemiology material that some folks have found useful, but I don’t update it very often, and there is a section for material unrelated to disasters or injury. I also use this site to post code from published papers and data sets. You can also find an overview of injury epidemiology and some papers and results of studies with which I’ve been involved.

You can find links to published research I’ve conducted or been part of, at my faculty bibliography page on the New York University Health Sciences Library system. You can find PubMed-referenced citation on my NCBI bibliography page. A collection of full-text, pre-publication version of some of the journal articles and book chapters I’ve been involved with are available at Columbia University’s Academic Commons page. Additional links to reprints and unpublished versions of research on injury control, disaster preparedness and anesthesiology can be found on the links to the left. Finally, I've posted many pre-publication versions of many of my earlier papers on the Columbia Academic Commons page.